Las Vegas getting around

Las Vegas

Las Vegas getting around

It shouldn't be too hard to navigate your way around. But remember, between huge hotel acreage, increased and very slow traffic, and lots and lots of people trying to explore like you, getting around takes a lot longer than you might think. Heck, it can take 15 to 20 minutes to get from your room to another part of your hotel! Always allow for plenty of time to get from point A to point B.

A warning note: The Las Vegas monorail is under construction. This upcoming transport system will surely alter Vegas traffic flow in the best of all possible ways, as the monorail will run from the Sahara hotel, zigzag out to the Hilton and the Convention Center, and then come back down the east side of the Strip, making several stops along its 4-mile journey before ending at the MGM Grand and turning around for a return trip. A fabulous idea, and we can't wait. But wait we must--the monorail is scheduled for spring 2004 (with a further wonderful connection to Downtown not due until 2005)--and think of the mess construction is likely to make. If you get caught in some of it, just remind yourself, it's all for a good cause--and swear never to use a car again once the monorail is up and humming.

By Taxi
Since cabs line up in front of all major hotels, an easy way to get around town is by taxi. Cabs charge $2.30 at the meter drop and 20ยข for each additional 1/9 mile. A taxi from the airport to the Strip will run you $10 to $15, from the airport to Downtown $15 to $20, and between the Strip and Downtown about $10 to $12. You can often save money by sharing a cab with someone going to the same destination (up to five people can ride for the same fare).

If you want to call a taxi, any of the following companies can provide one: Desert Cab Company (tel. 702/386-9102), Whittlesea Blue Cab (tel. 702/384-6111), and Yellow/Checker Cab/Star Company (tel. 702/873-2000).

Las Vegas getting around


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